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My art develops from books and time in a time that the actual book is in danger of extinction and time is considered to be a very rare good.

From my early childhood I have been questioning our individual and educational reception of different perspectives of the so-called truth. What do we really know, what are we supposed to know, what do we intrinsically know, what do we pretend to know and how much of this knowledge do we really need and use?

The rapidly and steadily increasing flow of information and collective knowledge in a more and more advancing, overstrained, overworked (still functioning?) society and the turn of written language to picture language through social media, apps and the turn from self-employed research to (algorithm-or-systemically controlled and reduced) search engine-knowledge bother me.
How does this affect our thinking and communication, our human worth codex, presence and essence?

My writs and handwritten books equal an information overload. I transcribe whole books line by line and word by word, patiently creating a seismograph of ideas and energies of various authors and worldviews. The outcome are very detailed and complex documents of time which include deep information transformed into and newly structured as unreadable but beautiful chaos.

In a performative ritual I experience a parallel world to the „new reality“, which together with space-taking installations of natural material-and vibration notations can be expanded into an open discussion room with the exhibition visitors. Worldviews from old and new knowledge merge into synergies and rhizomatic exhibition formats.

My works have been exhibited worldwide since 2008, in groupshows including The Center for Book Arts, New York (2010), Art Chicago (2014), Kunsthalle zu Kiel (2014), Kulturhaus Niederanven in Luxembourg (2015), The Ionion Center for the Arts and Cultures on Kefalonia, Greece (2016+2017) aswell as a in two solo exhibitions at the Ionion Center for the Arts, Kefalonia, Greece in 2017 and the gallery of Gmünder Kunstverein in 2019.

In 2013, the exhibition project “Because everything that contradicts the laws of understanding and reason is of course impossible.” that was initiated by me and Chris Bierl. realized in cooperation with the Kunsthaus meinblau e.V. was funded by the Kulturreferat Pankow, Berlin, the Dutch embassy and HAU. The project was very well received and discussed in Kunstforum International (volume 224).

In 2016 I channeled my °Water°World°Worth°Whirl° Project in a bathtub meditation and won the SEA’S ART Prize with it, which presented me a 3-month scholarship and solo exhibition at the Ionion Center for the Arts and Culture on the Greek island of Kefalonia. In correspondence with the sea, I experienced insights into nature and other dimensions that still effect me today.

2018 I have founded RHIZOMA. LAB for CHANGE. SPACE for TIME to give future engaging impulses for creation of meaning through workshops and creative rituals.

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