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My art develops from books and time in a time that the actual book is in danger of extinction and time is considered to be a very rare good.

From my early childhood I have been questioning our individual and educational reception of different perspectives of the so-called truth.

The rapidly and steadily increasing flow of information and collective knowledge in a more and more advancing, overstrained, overworked (still functioning?) society and the turn of written language to picture language through Internet, television and smartphones bother me.
How does this affect our thinking and communication?

My letter drawings or overwritings equal an information overload as I copy whole books line by line and word by word but putting them above each other. Thus they become very complex but unreadable.

My crucial question is: How much do we really know? How much do we pretend to know? And: what about intuition? Are we really using all the senses we have?

My technical tools are paper, ink, quill, graphite and material gifts from nature; the aesthetics are formed by the interplay of mass, denseness, iteration, rhythm and lines.

Whilst working on one of my pieces I engage myself intensively with literature, philosophy, spirituality and self-invented forms of meditations. I leave the information in disguise, though, wishing to evoke new inner and outer questions, thought experiences and notions of an open core source.

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